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Interland was a collaboration with Kath McKay, Adam Strickson and from Yorkshire, England and Carita Nystrom, Marko Hautala and Ralf Andtbacka from Ostrobothnia, Finland.

‘Steve Dearden’s short prose epiphanies are perfectly placed at the beginning of the book. There’s a carefully organised and mellifluous quality that carries you along. There is also a great variety of location: his city centre office, the reservoirs on which he sails, the moors surrounding and draining under his house, the rugby pitch of his school days and the Manchester Ship Canal. Throughout his pieces there is a marriage of detail and resonance that is both beguiling and revealing.’ Ian Pople

Six steps under water – Kuusi askelta veden alla – Sex steg under vattenbeautifully edited by Janet Fisher, is published by Smith Doorstop and includes translations into Finnish and Swedish along with photos, introductions and email exchanges from the collaboration.