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Single Skin features nine short stories and is published by Smith Doorstop as an ebook and is available from Amazon for Kindle.

‘The unexpected and the extraordinary presented in a terrific matter of fact way – it startles the reader. Nothing’s redundant but there’s a strange expansion of space inside these stories so that they seem to grow when you’ve read them.’ Patricia Dunker

‘Steve’s stories are populated by real people with real jobs and real desires and real fears; and yet, somewhere in the rhythms of the dialogue and the scaffolding of the terse descriptions, you can find loneliness, and majesty, and a belief in humanity that gives your heart a lift. In these offices and departure lounges and bedrooms and kitchens, lives are made vivid by prose that pins down meaning and ideas without artifice…’  Ian McMillan 

‘I read Single Skin over a family reunion weekend at a rather cheerless Travel Lodge in Southampton which sort of fitted the stories, out of comfort zone, slightly disturbing, making you hold up your own everyday life against it. Not one cliched setting or situation but always a universal truth.’ Jonathan Hall